Our Warriors Have Sacrificed For Us

Now It’s Our Turn To Serve
Men and women return from duty with physical, mental and emotional trauma.
Too often, the mental and emotional trauma goes untreated. Proud and stoic, they bear the burden alone.
Courage Foundation is about helping warriors heal themselves by feeding their courage wolf.
Warriors helping warriors: Building Trust, Comradery, Resilience, Confidence, Commitment and Purpose.

Our Mission

The Courage Foundation’s mission is to foster post-traumatic growth, restore purpose and transform lives through integrative self-awareness, physical health, mental toughness, emotional resilience and spiritual well-being.

Courage Foundation educates, equips and empowers veterans living with Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) with the skills, resources and training to thrive. We seek to restore a sense of purpose, hope and connection for veterans with PTS who desire to cultivate more meaningful and courageous lives.

What’s New


Veteran Integration Program (V.I.P)

The Veteran Integration Program is a year-long program that helps warriors help themselves with peer and mentor support rooted in Unbeatable Mind mental toughness and emotional resilience integrated training.