Feeding Courage

“I wanted to thank you for the opportunity of walking with you in Greece. I wanted to thank you for the motivation that I have on a constant basis now that we have returned from our trip.”

“I want to say thank you! The past few years, I had let my Disabilities get the better of me. I began to sink into a dark and lonely hole. I had gained over 100 pounds and started the need of a wheel chair. My added weight was causing more damage to the already injured legs and back. I realized that this was in no way, the proper way to live. I decided it was time to pick myself up out of that wheel chair and live. With all this newly found energy, I am scheduled to be on the go from now until the beginning of next year. I am currently using the walk that changed my life, help others in need. I walk with those that want to “walk and talk”, helping others open up and talk about concerns, issues, thoughts that they are having.”

“I cannot thank you enough for changing my life. Mark Divine, you sir, are a beast. I thank you for the heartfelt words that day on the mountain in Greece. After my first half marathon, an enormous hurdle, we conquered that day. My tears were not only of sadness, they were of joy that I have not felt in a long time. A smile was brought back to my hardened face, and I made a promise to let it go and move on and Use that hurt as motivation for a clearer mind.”

“I have without any doubt noticed a huge change in my way of thinking. I have reinvigorated my thirst and yearning for joy and experiencing life. I can communicate with love to my wife and children better than I have in years past. I have had an opportunity to learn new lines of communication that make me feel better every time I use them.”

“Thank you for the life-changing experience. Hooyah!!”